In the world of corporate competition, taking care of your employees is becoming one of the biggest differentiators. Does your company need some assistance with Corporate Culture, Finding the right candidates, Conflict Management, Leadership Development or creating a sustainable and engaging training program? All of these components work together to create an engaging culture where your employees work smarter, are more invested and stay longer. Let Summer help your company in the Pursuit of Professional Excellence.


Are you an individual struggling with "adulting"? Are you a company who is noticing that your employees are missing personal skills that you assumed were innate? Let Boss Mom offer some relief. Boss Mom can assist in the Pursuit of Personal Excellence with individual coaching in areas such as interview skills, resume writing, professional development, debt management, household management and more. Summer can also offer classes tailored to groups of employees of companies who are interested in the total health and wellness of their most valuable asset.


Driven professionals love to plan... and while sometimes parenting isn't in the forecast, it can quickly become the plan. Summer transforms how leaders and organizations think about the roles of moms and dads at home and at work through the lens of personal experience. While many resources espouse what women and men are "supposed" to do at home as parents, professionals at work approach role assignments by skill set and talent, not gender. Summer wants to help your company and employees in their Pursuit of Balance by teaching them to rely on the skill set that made them successful professionals instead of relying on outdated gender norms that no longer have a place in most of today's modern lives.